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What is PCMH?


While the words “patient-centered medical home” (PCMH) sound like a place or location, PCMH is actually much more. PCMH is a distinctive way to practice medicine and interact with patients.

Learn about NCQA


NCQA’s PCMH recognition is the most sought after of the available PCMH programs. Currently around ten percent of the nation’s primary care practices are recognized by NCQA as a PCMH.

Webinar Available


Learn more about PCMH in this online Webinar. Participants will be able to: 1) Describe the SCMA's PCMH initiative; 2) Describe NCQA PCMH recognition and its significance; and 3) Explain what a PCMH is and its role.

Do PCMHs Work?

Published and ongoing research suggests that PCMH works, with the following being the most cited benefits for practices that embrace PCMH:


  • Improved patient experience

  • Reduced clinician burnout

  • Reduced hospitalization rates

  • Reduced ER visits

  • Increased savings per patient

  • Higher quality of care

  • Reduced cost of care

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